Monday, December 17, 2007

Having fun at the beach! She is trying to fly high like the birds.
The girls Christmas dresses. I love having two girls!
Already big enough for the high chair. She started on rice cereal and fruit and loves it . The only time she ever cries is when it is all gone!
The most "chilled" baby in the World!
Kybugs loves playing dress up with her friend Kate in our toy room. Two very silly girls.

Merry Christmas!!!

They love to laugh!!! Be sure to turn up your volume.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun With All Our Visitors

Uncle Jake-Jake loving the girls! We played hard at the beach, mall, and at the Brad Paisley concert. We are in Texas!

We spend a beautiful day at the ocean with Aunt Adri and (maybe soon to be) "Uncle" Josh. We ate lunch at the Aquarium Restaurant at Kemah Boardwalk. Everyone looked sea sick, but the food is good even though the lighting is not!

The girls at the beach. Still cannot believe it's November. It was 80 degrees that day!

Maggs can cook! I may burn popcorn, but I can bake a turkey (even though it was two hours late)!
We had visitors the whole month of November. We all had a blast and miss them already!