Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Birthday Weekend...

Raegan started out my birthday weekend with a new smile! She opens her mouth as wide as she can like she is laughing hysterically, but without sound. You can't help but squeeze those cheeks. She also discovered that she had musical talent. She plays on her toy xylophones like an old pro!!!
She enjoyed the swim toys even without getting in the water!
Our sweet neighbors gave the girls this little froggy pool. Kylee thought it was pretty cool until she realized we were outside and there were bugs. A fly landed in the water and ended our backyard fun! Stupid fly!!!
The Saturday before my B-day, we were invited to the Memorial Hermann Gala at the Hilton downtown. It was so fun to get dressed up in formal wear and have a night out! It was way overdue. Cocktails started at 7:00 (we had diet coke), a fantastic 5 course dinner was served at 8:00. It ended with live entertainment and dancing. It was unbelievable! I felt like pretty woman (except for the prostitute part). We hope we left a good impression on the "important people" so maybe we will be invited again next year.
During dinner there were contourshionists hanging in these white sheets doing unreal stunts! Pretty cool I must say!!! Look how handsome my man looks in a tux.
By the way, Houston is not the best place to try to find a modest formal dress. Thank goodness for the internet and shalls that are multi-functional. Lets just say that I would not have been able to go through airport security with all the safety-pins I was wearing! Thanks Jenny!