Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Belated Halloween!

We had fun carving our pumpkins the night before Halloween!
Our mermaid showing off her carving work!
The ward trunk-or-treat! The wassail we made seemed to be a hit!
Big daddy had to study so the girls went to a local farm for the day with some friends! The mountain of pumpkins kept them busy.
We sat and admired the decorations outside the mall the morning of Halloween! The flower costume was too big for the baby so we dressed her up in all pink and called her Pepto Bismol!

Sweet Girls!!!

Here is baby Raeggy pooh rolling over. This was last month. She flips right over now and is trying to scoot!!! We had her 4 month appointment today and she is still a big beautiful baby. She weighs 16 lbs (75th percentile) and 95th percentile for her height. The doctor said he was not worried about her calorie intake! Kybugs noticed the bandaids on her legs and when the doctor if we had any concerns or questions she said she wanted him to check sissy's ouchy! I love my girls!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

For all those who missed the BIG entrance...

I kept wondering why I was so uncomfortable this pregnancy. We just thought my tummy was so large because I craved ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and everything unhealthy.
Turned out that she was just a big perfect baby. She weighed in at 9 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long. Yet worth every single stretch mark!!!
Maggs is looking a little puffed out here, but it shows off baby her little chunks!
Kybugs is such a proud big sister. First thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is hold sis while she watches her favorite show "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"! Kybugs admires baby as much as baby admires her. They share a special sister bond. Kybugs told baby the other day that they were BEST FRIENDS! She then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to be best friends with them. Too cute!!!
Our new little family!!!