Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Belated Halloween!

We had fun carving our pumpkins the night before Halloween!
Our mermaid showing off her carving work!
The ward trunk-or-treat! The wassail we made seemed to be a hit!
Big daddy had to study so the girls went to a local farm for the day with some friends! The mountain of pumpkins kept them busy.
We sat and admired the decorations outside the mall the morning of Halloween! The flower costume was too big for the baby so we dressed her up in all pink and called her Pepto Bismol!


Hillary said...

They are adorable!

Hillary said...

... and I have some pink scrubs that I always say look like pepto too.

Abi said...

I just saw you link of Hillary's blog. Your babies are so cute! I hope that all is well.

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

YOU make WASSAIL?? I LOVE WASSAIL!! I was just telling my in-laws how much I love it, and get this..they didn't even know what it is :) Isn't that crazy? Hopefully I will get the chance to taste some of that wassail...

Love the pictures...and the flower costume! You girls are super cute!