Sunday, January 20, 2008

What we have all been waiting for...THE NEW CAR!

Oh yes, the time has finally come. My 1997 Honda "Blue Bullet" has officially retired from the Richards family residence! We now have "the family car". Many of you know it was well over due, but we finally did it. We have had the same cars since before we started dating. We do, however, still have the other Honda and it is still kicking. You all know my husband, he will drive that thing until the body has rusted off and the doors no longer open or close. Gotta love him!!! Take a good look because I am sure this is what we will have for the next 10 or so years. Oh, and for all of you stuck in Utah with the dirty salted roads and the below freezing temperatures, look at that blue sky. If I have to live away, I have to show off the benefits of it! Ky-v is pretty excited too! She keeps telling daddy, "it sure was nice of you to get us a new car"! However she will not stop kicking the seat in front of her, go figure. How can you be mad with a smile like that?!
The baby thinks it is pretty cool too!!!
The girls chillin in ky's "purple room" in her "purple bed". Check out those jammies! They love to match (or maybe I love them to match).

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CelesteDavis said...

Congrats, Maggs! Doesn't it feels good to have a car that you can feel like a sexy beast in? Even though there are kiddies in the back, it makes a difference doesn't it? Or maybe I'm just really superficial...
Love ya!