Saturday, December 6, 2008


We enjoy spending some weekends at Kemah Boardwalk, especially when visitors are in town. Many of our friends and family have been here with us, so we thought we would share a picture of what's left of one of our favorite restaurants there! It was so surreal seeing these rides and buildings that we enjoyed, no longer there, or being rebuilt.
Joe's Crab shack was one of the few places open for business! Grandma bought her a pink shotgun for memorabilia! Great gift Grandma!

Grandpa and Daddy helped Ky's see the ships out in the ocean. She loved that she could close one eye and see out the other at the same time! So easily ammused!

Oh, our cute family! The creepy thing about this picture is that the rest of the boardwalk, down a few feet from where we were standing, was completely demolished. It just ended and there was the water!

LETS FINALLY EAT A HOME COOKED MEAL! It had been almost three months since we have cooked a real meal in our own home. We were grateful this Thanksgiving to have surpassed a hurricane and a fire, but most of all we are blessed with a wonderful family:)

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