Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I suddenly think I am a photographer!!! Here are a few pictures I have been working on from our Holiday trip to Utah! Remember, I am just learning, so don't be to critical of my work!
She loves animals!!!

Ky's and Wrennie!

Not bad!!!

This picture did not turn out in color, it only showed the first four people, so this is an old town version so that I could show everyone's faces! This is all the adults out to breakfast New Years Day!!!

Uncle Jake was missing his woman on New Years Eve!

This is her new "snuggly", she takes it everywhere! Thanks Grandma!

I am not going to smile!

Ky's and cousin Kaden lookin nice for family pictures!

You should have seen these two rock out on the keyboard. Kenna can head-band like a pro!

Rae's kissing great grandma Richards!

Already a supermodel!

She loves her reindeer flannels and her purple slippers!

Nana and Ky bugs on another freezing night, trying to stay warm!

She spent hours trying to figure out how this reindeer could rock itself!!!
Our little rocket scientist!

Ky's with Aunt Adri's dog, Bentley!!!


The Nakkers said...

Those are cute pictures. It looks like you had a fun trip. I'm sad we didn't get to see you guys, but for sure this summer.

cmshort said...

Cute pics. Miss you.

Bre.Sean.Blake said...

Way cute pixs! It was so fun to see you over the Holidays.

GaRNiTuRe said...

Hi- I found your blog through a friend of a friend's-- I just started a little hair clip shop & am trying to get the word out: check it out!