Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Boston is here....

Introducing Boston Willard!!! How cute is he? Our little man was 9 lbs 9 oz and 22 inches and a week early!!! We all new he would be huge, but we did not expect any problems that would come along with his size. Boston seemed to do things his own way from the beginning. At a routine 20 week ultrasound we found he had a cyst on the left side of his brain. At 30 weeks we went to a specialist to make sure the cyst was not going to cause problems. The cyst turned out to be a choroid plexist cyst, which means that it would resolve on it's own, but we then found out that he was in breech position at this point. At 37 weeks he decided he was going to turn head down. At 38 weeks he decided he didn't like that position so he turned to a transverse position (sideways). At 38 1/2 weeks he turned again head down so they induced my labor a few days later to make sure he did not turn again. We had the OR ready for an emergency C-section in case he flipped again during labor. Fortunately, he stayed head down. After almost 12 hours of intense laboring the baby decided he was ready and came so quickly that he came out on the bed! He immediately had problems. He would not breath on his own so they had to resuscitate him. When he was finally breathing on his own they discovered that his blood sugar was dangerously low because of his size. As they were trying to get him to eat to up his levels he stopped breathing again and was taken to the NICU. He remained there for five days! They found he had fluid in his lungs from delivering so quickly and had a hard time getting his blood sugar to stabilize. But our little guy fought his way out of his hypoglycemia and is now home and doing well!!! After all was said and done, he has turned out to be one amazing baby! Hopefully he got all his rebellion out of his system!!!

Papa came in town the day Boston was finally discharged, the kiddos were thrilled to have their Papa!!!

Here is the "little/big" guy enjoying his first day outdoors at the pool. Look at those bird legs!

This is now what I am dealing with at home with the other little one! She is so sneaky, but hilarious!

Already wearing three month clothes!

Our three amazing children!!!

Nana flew in and surprised us only a couple of hours after he arrived, it was an absolute blessing to have her there to help us out!!!

A very proud and helpful aunt and uncle saying goodbye!!!
Thanks again

We were all so excited when he was able to maintain his blood sugar levels and come home!!!

Here is the proud daddy! Now do you see the resemblance?

He is finally here!!! Here he is shortly after birth, before he was admitted to the NICU.

Kids had to be older than two to enter the NICU, so Raegan had to meet him through the window when he was three days old. It was hard for her to understand all that was going on, but she is adjusting pretty well!

Here is Kylee holding her baby brother for the first time!!!

This little guy has been doing things his way from the beginning, this photo shows how he truly feels about his feeding tube!!! This cracked me up. Only a few hours after this photo was taken, he managed to rip off the tape on his cheek and remove the tube!


bonnie and tyler said...

That picture is hilarious with his little finger up! Wow what a delivery and few days after. I bet it was stressful. I am glad that everything is going well now! He is adorable!

HJH said...

Your baby is beautiful! I am glad to hear he is doing well!! My sister's little boy had something similar happen when he was born! I look forward to meeting him soon!


Heather said...

So adorable and I LOVE the name! Its a good thing Jeff Vito'd that one, or else we might have had babies with the same name! Lol. Anyways I am glad everything is going okay now! Keep those pictures coming!

Brianne & Jarod said...

That is quite the story, and he is a very handsome little man! CONGRATS!!

cmshort said...

It is funny that we love him already and we haven't even met him. Can't wait.

Jason and Ashlee said...

Oh my goodness...what a scary pregnancy/delivery you had. I am so glad everything is ok. He is adorable - and looks just like Christian. I can't believe how big he is - 3 mon clothes already. He must have learned how to flip the bird from you ...haha.

Hope all is well. Love ya

Mindy said...

Yay! He is so adorable and huge! I had a big baby, and I have a whole new respect for other women who do. :) I'm glad he is doing so well. Congratulations.

Jamie said...

Congrats you guys! What a doll!

TeamCranney said...

Cute Cute Cute! Loved all the new pix! Boston is such a little stud :) Great job to you and Christian...keep up all the great work!