Friday, April 1, 2011


I lost my will to blog for a while, mostly because I was without Internet until Chris would bring home his laptop home at night. By then I was too tired to sit at the computer! I am really going to try to keep better record of our lives (since I"m not great at journal entries).

This year, 2011, started out with a BANG! We drove to Utah for Christmas and as we were returning to Texas, Raegs turned to me in the car and said Jesus gave her a sister and it was in my tummy. It was a long 23 hour car drive and I had a lot of time to ponder what she said. Then started to panic! I had been feeling nauseous (thought I was coming down with the stomach bug the kids had had all week). Then started feeling anxious because it was New Years Eve and I was unsure of my last cycle.

We arrived home New Years Day and we were all exhausted from the drive so I decided to shower. Then I realized things were a little more sensitive and I jumped out of the shower and took a pregnancy test, and much to our EXCITED surprise, it was positive!!!

Another sweet Richards baby was on the way. We waited until my 8 week check up to tell the kids. We had the ultrasound picture and told them one night at dinner. We told them that the Dr found out why my stomach was so upset lately and they found this (showing them the picture). They were so excited! Bo had no idea, but clapped and giggled along with his sisters!

I was very very sick for a long time, 18 weeks to be exact. It was a long rocky road, two hospital visits, lots of medicine, a breast lump scare, career change, a car accident, and a lot of vomit!!! Yuck! We were blessed with lots of help from friends, neighbors, church friends, Aunt Adri, Nana, and Grandma/Grandpa! You all got me through the sickest time of my life and we will forever be grateful!

Now that I am 18 week, things are getting exciting! We saw an ultrasound of the baby again yesterday and the baby looks great and active. They kept trying to tell me the sex of the baby, and though I was soooooooo tempted, I resisted to keep it a surprise on its birthday! The kids are doing great and anxious to meet their new sibling.

We have fun trip to Disneyland coming up in a couple weeks with my family and we can hardly wait! We all desperately need a vacation!!!

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TeamCranney said...

Mandy...You are a trooper! I can't wait to meet new baby Richards! Maybe Rae has some insights...that will be something if it's a girl eh? Love your blog...we still need to hang out! Things were crazy with school and swim team wrapping up, but now we're ready to play!