Sunday, February 24, 2008

Isabell Tribute!!!

A heartbreaking farewell for the first born and her dad!
Raeggy pooh loved pulling out her hair! I am pretty sure that's how she learned to roll over! She was very intrigued by the dog since she could hold that baby head up. Izzy loved licking the left over food off her face! Who needs a bath?
Licking those chops after Ky v fed her from the table. No wonder she was getting so fat! Don't ya love those chocolate dipped ears?!
Another tear-jerker as the two oldest sisters say their goodbye's! Izzy knew something was up with all the tears. She kept laying on my lap then returning to her bed! I cried for 3 days before we took her. She kept trying to comfort me when I cried. She was a good friend!!!
This was her new favorite toy. She always had a baby doll to suck on. She loved anything with a pointy nose! She would lay on her stomach like this and almost nurse it! She did it from the day we got her to the day we gave her away. It was definitely her security blanket. Too cute!!!

Izzy has been a part of our family from the beginning. We adopted her when she was 7 weeks old. She was, at that time, my baby! She was very loved and spoiled beyond description. However with each baby and with each move, she has become more aggressive. Not to our family, but to everyone else. It broke my heart having to give her up, but we could not risk her biting someones child. We also were having to leave her at different pet resorts while we went back to Utah and it was getting to be very expensive. We had so much fun with her and will always love her, but it was time to give her to another loving family! One of Christian's co-workers watched her the last time we were away and told us that if we ever decided to give her up, they wanted her. Their children are all grown and they have all the love in the world for her. They cried when we told them that we would be dropping her off that weekend. We could not have found her a better new home. They put in a doggy door for her, they walk her twice a day, and she gets to sleep with them! It was truly very hard and we miss her very much. It is nice that we know her new owner and we get weekly updates. She is doing very well. She does snuggle up with our old shirts that we left in her bed at times, but other than that she seems to have replaced us! We wish her a happy life and we will always hold a special place in our hearts for her. Whenever Ky's misses her she puts her hand over her heart and says "it hurts"! Um, yes it made me cry for the first week!!! I did hate her dog hair, barking, foot prints on my floors, and her frequent attacks on strangers, but I will always love that bitch!!!


Celeste said...

SAAAD! Mags I love that dog, but it's so good that you were able to get her somewhere that you can still know how she's doing and know she's loved. but still sad.

Hillary said...

I don't know how you did it, but I admire your strength in doing what's best for her. I would die if I had to give up my yorkie Ozzie. Aggression isn't really an issue for him, but he's got plenty of other annoying habits- somehow I forget all that though when he smiles (yep just like Raisin did) at me or cuddles up in my arms. Anyway, I seriously almost cried thinking about that possibility when I read your post.

cmshort said...

So long Izzy, you will be missed. Love Eddie

Tuckett/Lewis said...

What! I never thought you would get rid of that dog! Now I can come and visit- just kidding! I am sorry to hear about your loss. Give me a call because I don't do the blog thing- except when I am at Jess' house and we read to catch up! Love, Jill