Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Hate Things on My Head!!!

I do not want a bow on my head, mom!!!

I do not care that it's St. Patrick's Day, I still don't want that bow on my head!

Seriously?! What part of NO do you not understand?


Celeste said...

Mags! Hey babe! Your girls are sooo stinkin' cute! How are you guys doing? I miss your butt! Love ya, Celeste

cmshort said...

Kenna is the same way. She hates hats and headbands. Thats why I glued everything with cornsyrup until she was like 1. Miss you guys. See you soon.

Samantha said...

Hi, I had to change my blog is the new one:

Brooke Campbell said...


Your girls are so cute! We will have to set them up with my boys in about 20 years! Here is my family's blog:


Malinda said...

Maggs! Your girls are darling. But there are few pictures of you. I had to scroll through many blog dates until I found a pic of you and was assured this really was your little family. :) I found the link on Hodi's blog. Anyway, you look happy and busy! Cute family! Mindy Sterzer ( now Christensen)

Jason & Ashlee said...

Hey Maggs, the girls are getting so big. I still can't believe you have two. I haven't talked to you for awhile - I hope all is well in TX. Tell the family hello for me.
Nay onso guy!!!

mnhvance said...

Hey Mags! Remember me? Haleigh (Gustaveson) from WA? I stumbled across your blog while blog-hopping, and I can't believe what a gorgeous family you have! Just wanted to say hi!