Monday, March 17, 2008

Shhhhhhhhhhh, it's a Surprise Party!

When asked what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted to get her hair, make-up, and nails done! So here she is getting her hair, make-up, and nails done at the kid salon. No, she does not get what she wants!
The final outcome! Getting ready to go to the party at our house. However, she did not know that. Well, maybe she did. She also told me she wanted her friends to come to her house for her birthday party and yell, "Surprise". She really does not get what she wants!
Kind of blurry! Here are the party goers. We had a great turn out and she was truly surprised. Or scared, one or the other! She just stood there when everyone yelled, she almost started to cry. She got over that quick!
I missed the actual candle blowing, so I made her rein act the blow out! At least she is obedient and cute- right?! By-the-way the boy in the picture is her first crush and it is hilarious to watch her when he is around!

She got great gifts from her family and friends. Lots of Dora toys, Princess toys, clothes, books, cards, and dress-ups. Thanks for all the fun presents everyone. I truly planned to send out thank you cards, but now that it's mid March it won't happen. I know, tacky! Love you all anyway!



j pearson said...

It looks like Kylee had a fun day! Reagan looks so big! See you in a couple wks

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Kylee!!! Everyone looks so cute!!